I’m a PhD student in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, working with Judy Fan and David Kirsh. I study the cognitive tools that underlie our ability to create new things. As well as shed light on how we convert ideas into physical stuff, I hope that my research can be used to engineer more organic relationships between humans and creative machines.


I’m inspired by theories of cognition that emphasize the continuity between our minds, bodies, and environments, and see my work partly as a development of these ideas into a more computational framework. Most recently, I explored how our ability to build something changes with practice, and am currently investigating how mental simulation and perception interact during the building process.


I grew up in Somerset, a grassy county in the southwest of England. I was tempted by a career in art, but eventually left the shire to study Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford. As a serial generalist, I became attracted to the field(s) of Cognitive Science, in particular the eclectic department at UCSD, where I am now in the 3rd year of my PhD.